Andrew Taylor Speaks Sneakers…

Andrew Taylor, a good friend of mine speaks sneakers and shows us his impressive collection!
1. How long have you been collecting sneakers for?
– I wouldn’t say I was a collector as such, I’m not too bothered about having the rarest SB or next collaborations… Patta, Ben Drury and Ronnie Fieg aside. I guess it started around aged 10/11 when I realised I was always looking at the older kids feet wondering where they got their shoes from, Rockport’s, Lacoste Boots and Nike TN – classic scally outfits. I reckon when I was about 15 I really started getting into trainers, kickin’ off with Nike Air Max Lights.
2. How many pairs do you own?
-Now I have about 60-70 pairs. Every so often I have an eBay clear out, that helps keeps numbers down and fund the habit.
3. Which is your favourite pair?
-Nike Air Max 90 Current x Ben Drury – Silent Listeners.
4. Which pair did you go to the most trouble to get your paws on?
– Endless hours of systematically searching eBay and forums, quite sad really, but it’s helped me get a lot of older stuff. The trainers giving me the most trouble are the ones that remain illusive, I’ve got a list a mile long in my head.
5. Grail sneaker?
-Grail sneaker… there’s a few. Early Puma Suedes with the thinner sole are definitely up there. Then the usual list – Black/White Patta Air Max 1’s, Jordan 4’s in OG cement colourways, Hold Tight Ben Drury’s, Stash 95’s and Dave White Air Max 90’s. I guess I should retract my previous statement about collaborations.
6. If you could take any sneaker silhouette and make it slightly better, what would it be and why would you change it?
-I’m no Mr Hatfield but I reckon Nike should go back to better materials and the old Air Max 1 shape, getting rid of some of the credit crunch kicks that are sitting on shop shelves with a £90 price tag !? Kind of a common feeling throughout though I think.
7. If you could visit anywhere in the world to go sneaker shopping where would you go and why?
-The PX Megastore and the sneaker avenues of Tokyo. I remember reading an article on by TokyoMike, I’ve been wanting to go there ever since. I wouldn’t go to spend a fortune on Yeezys, but to hunt for some real steals.
8. Favourite sneaker to wear on a daily?
-Daily wear at the minute has to be Nike Presto, gone a bit mad for them recently. I’d love to wear anything on any given day but living up North means my Abington Timberlands get more wear than my Air Max.
9. Whats your beater sneak to wear to a rave?
-Vans Authentic have become my goto night out trainer, cleans up easily and I’m not too over protective when the guy in his size 11 primark specials comes and does a jig on your foot… I’d still have words like, but nothing more.
10. Have you ever been on an unexpected night out in some fresh sneaks and got the stamp of death? If so what sneaks where they and more importantly what did you do?
-Meticulous sneaker planning and keeping drunks at arms length has avoided such incidents. Basketball was the worst for getting a fresh pair scuffed. Cool Grey Jordan 3’s, first wear, my mate recognises how I was tip-toeing around the court and swipes his Pennys right over the toe. Gutted.
11. What is your latest purchase?
-Doubled up on Nike Air Max 1 – Skulls Pack in Blue… still after the green ones. And a yellowed pair of Laser Blue Air Max 93’s, which have now been restored (not a recommended process, my eyes nearly fell out with concentration).
12. Anything else to add before you leave?
-Lei, you came to me asking for a favour (Don Corleone voice), to answer a ‘hench’ list of questions, hopefully I did it justice.


4 thoughts on “Andrew Taylor Speaks Sneakers…

  1. Hard to find steals in tokyo. The main spots have caught on and you won't find the lesser frequented spots with out a guide. still worth a geeze

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