Nigel’s Time!

Pro BMXer Nigel Sylvester who rides for some of the biggest companies in the game such as; MirraCo, Nike, Animal, Gatorade and G-Shock, brings us not a signature part this time but a signature watch!

After his recent sponsorship from the watch giants G-Shock Nigel brings us his own GD-100NS-7 model and it looks so good.  This watch has Nigel’s New York street and hood style and still the robustness of any other G-Shock watch,  the stark white band and contrasting black face features his signature emblazoned in red, keeping true to Nigel’s need for a tough and durable watch that can also be worn as a fashion accessory.  This watch is available at the start of August this year and be retailing at a price of $110. 

Cop a veiw of the watch below along with Nigel’s Introductory edit for G-Shock and also the Nike L.A Tunnel jam video which Nigel and his fellow Nike pro team members took part in.


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