That ishii ish…

So my good friend Adam has been trying to get his little project up and running for a while now in in the past week i heard the good news that it has officially started.  Going by the name of Ishii he aims to supply our good selves with hand printed t-shirts and also offers other services such as graphic design and illustration.  Knowing Adam from skateboarding I always knew he was a talented guy so it hasn’t surprised me how dope his first prints have turned out.  Available in black with white print or white with black print as featured below, they are available on his big cartel page HERE, but sure to check and like his Facebook page HERE and cop a look at his Flickr where he uploads new designs and illustrations HERE.

One of Ishii’s first design projects was the E.P art for young up and coming MC, Why Jay and it looks sick! Take a look at the artwork, have a listen to Why Jay’s E.P and download it below! Also like his Facebook page HERE. 

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