Time For A Watch.

Even though I’m the owner of only one G-Shock watch doesn’t mean to say I’m not into them, it means to say I’m broke more than anything…   but this next G-Shock collab is a treat just like the last one I posted this time a collab between G-Shock and Globe skateboards.  This is the second time round for this collab and there is major improvement on this range giving us a nice clean cut high top sneaker, a sick skateboard and obviously a dope watch!

If your strangely not a fan of G-Shock then maybe this watch will interest you.  This watch is from fixed gear apparel company Cadence and is not only meant to tell you the time, it’s also meant to do you a whole world of good!  Check them below in all the different colours available and see what they say this watch is meant to do…

One piece construction silicon band infused with Titanium and Germanium available in 7 custom colors(including white which is glow in the dark)
Benefits of Titanium & Germanium:
The combined use of Titanium with Germanium helps to retain body heat.  People are said to have experience and the various benefits:
– Strengthens one’s immune system
– Increases blood circulation
– Raises oxygen levels
– Speeds up metabolism of body cells
– Regulates positive and negative ions within the body
– Removes harmful toxins
– Relieves joint and muscle pain
– Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
– Controls swelling
– Reduces water retention
– Relieves fatigue and tiredness
– Promotes quality sleep
– Slows down ageing
– Prevents bacterial growth
– Increases and maintains body warmth
– watch displays military time


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