Work in Progress

Since TSPO’s closure I’ve started working for Carhartt in Manchester again. A nice spacious store, rad quality clothing, a nice atmosphere and sick staff remind me of why I liked working there a year and a half ago.

Recently we have (I’m sure) all been hearing about local mindless rioting. I say mindless as I am almost certain most of these idiots don’t have any reason for the looting and fire starting other than that they are ignorant to the way the world works; they think they are owed something, when in reality, it is the people who they are punishing that support them on a day to day basis.

Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom, iLL sessions doesn’t support this madness, so big ups to the people who are helping clear this mess and good luck to the stores who can pull through this! Poppy in Carhartt Manchester arranged for her friend, a local graffiti artist to make our boards look a bit more colourful and show that we actually care about our jobs and community! Here’s how it turned out… ( images from SchoolBoyCouture )


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