Introducing… Eric Tearle!

I’ve been following Eric Tearle for months now on Tumblr and he never fails to impress me with his honest and beautiful shots of every day life. A normal 25 year old guy, shooting only on film, things that catch his eye in the real world. Having been noticed by the likes of the Guardian and we are HQ magazine, I wanted to make sure even more people could see his talent!

I don’t think anybody can ever describe a photographers shots as well as the photographer themselves so I asked Eric to write a few words about his 5 favourite images, so I leave you with the man himself… enjoy!
(Eric) – I don’t take pretty photographs of sunshine rays, Nutella and a world that taste like skittles and cupcakes. You won’t find pictures of half naked women here, caked in make-up, taken on a £2000 camera or a perfect landscape stitched together from 4000 images.
I take photo’s of the street and real life. I see society for what it is. The society that shaped us, that made us paranoid and told how we must live. I’m not trying to be different…I am different.

Image 001: Today people are judged from the outside, rather that from what’s inside. Intelligence is often over looked by appearance. These are my friends hands. A friend thats become very successful because he remained true to himself. I like this photo because this is who he is and what he represents. He is an artist, not a thug. And people don’t see that.

Image 002: I like this photo because people ignore dark places. The ones that are brave enough to beat their own fear and walk through, would be surprised at what they would find. Some of the most intelligent people create art here.

Image 003: A graffiti artists prepares himself for a night of work. This a favourite of mine, because it’s close to home.

Image004: This image speaks for its self. Don’t always assume the worst. I’ll let you listen to the message…

Image 005: Jeba creates his work using the exterior of walls. Society is his canvas. Enemies in society but heroes amongst our peers.

– I’d like to thank Eric for letting us hear about his rad take on life and capturing images so we can see it through his eyes! If you’d like to see more then head over to his Tumblr or hit him up at

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