This post gives me great pleasure to bring to you!  The next 3 edits are all from lads from the northwest.

Firstly I’m gunna drop this one which to be honest I’m a bit late posting but it’s definitely still worth it.  This is an edit of great difference to any other bicycle style edit that you’d normally see, be it BMX, MTB or Fixed Gear.  This edit from friends of mine that go by the name of Team Clonc who bring us a Brompton edit.  It has already racked up nearly 50’000 youtube hits and they are still rising after only being on the net for 3 weeks.  Please check this out, it’s definitely not your average bike edit and worth a watch!

Next from the Scattered Bikes crew is the B/C roll clips from there soon to be premiered ‘Guerillas In The Mix’ DVD that premiers at Manchester’s Central Skatepark, on the Friday 16th October with a small entrance fee of £5, so get down to that for a fun filled night with drink and laughter and a rad film to watch!

“Guerrillas in the Mix” C Roll from SCATTERED BIKES on Vimeo.

Living not to far away from this next guy and riding with a couple of his bro’s every now and then i would of expected to get to see this next riders skills in person.  Unfortunately i haven’t but Mike Curley dropped this new edit for We The People bikes, filmed by Josh Moore.  Mike has insane balance skills and he proves this in this edit.


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