Does the world need another internet networking site? Of course it does! We can’t get enough of them!

People love showing off their belongings more than ever, with the way the economy is, it’s getting harder and harder to buy the things you like so of course we are bound to want to show them off! The creators of Sqoshi, Ricardo Ortega, Lisa Duddington and Chris James know this just as much as anyone and so Sqoshi was born!

In there own words, Sqoshi

…is where real people hang out
…they upload photos of their favourite stuff
…they follow people they think are cool or who have cool stuff
…they make new friends through a shared love of products
…they discover new cool stuff through people they follow
…they share their stories and experiences of their stuff
…they swop hints and tips of how they use their stuff
…they write real recommendations
Sounds rad! Check out my profile, I’ve got a lot of uploading still to come!
Why not join, everybody loves something… what do you love?


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