One To Watch – Collision

So it’s been a while since I posted a ‘One To Watch’ but it doesn’t mean I’ve given up on finding new up and coming producers. In fact I’ve find a fair few new heads but I’ve been being selfish and keeping them for myself.

In this post I want to share with you a producer from Birmingham thats quickly becoming one of my favourites. This producer goes by the name of Collison, and is creating some very dark and atmospheric Dubstep.
When I hear tunes by him such as his release on sublab, Identity, I can instantly see myself in a dimly lit club with the soundsystem shaking every inch of the place and everyone just stomping in time to the beat.
Collision has recently given away a free song on his soundcloud called Glare. This tune is definitely not one to miss on the free download, with it’s hauntingly atmospheric synths and it’s deep and dark sub bass, it should be a hit with anyone thats into the deeper darker side of dubstep.
Below is a radio rip of his debut release, Identity. If you want to check out more or want to get your hands on the free song Glare, head over to his Soundcloud or follow the man on twitter @Collision__


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