Dungeon Sounds

I’ve been banging on about what producers and dj’s I’ve been rating in Dubstep since I started writing for the blog and I thought it was about time that I actually shared a mix with you guys and get a little bit of self promotion on the go.

So here it is, 100% vinyl mix of deep and dark beats. If you’re feeling it keep locked on my soundcloud and drop me some comments with feedback as it’s always welcomed.

Thelem – Drones
District – 3.5 Grams
V.I.V.E.K – Roots
Commodo – Uprising
Spherix – Lesser People
LAS – Power Surge
Kahn – Way Mi Defend
J:Kenzo – Protected
Benton – Skeptics
DJ Madd – Pitfall (Phaelah Remix)
LX One – You
Cyrus – Looking Back
Tunnidge – Tribe
Kahn – Azalea


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