Skulls Barcelona Collection 3 and Peru Collection

Skulls Barcelona are back with a brand new 3rd collection, offering some brand new 5 panel additions to the collections, working on new colourways and fabrics. Including a small little selection of Skulls apparel which they seemed to of done a great job imitating the original Stussy type face, and working with it on their own designs.

I recently recieved a small order from the owner (Ivan) after my contribution to the brands promotion on my personal blog, and was incredibly delighted to see the hard work he put in with all his previous collections.
Skulls have succesfully pushed out to a worldwide market with this 3rd collection being approved and interested in by so many different stores. One of those including Urban Industry who will soon enough be receiving their first batch of Skulls apparel and caps for UK whole sale.

For more information on everything Skulls, check out their Store/Blog

The “Peru” Capsule Collection:

With the 3rd collection now active and selling extremely well, Skulls recently announced the “Peru” Capsule Collection.
The collection consists of three 5 panel caps called “Tamia”, “Luana” & “Milagros” made out of peruvian fabric from one of the highest towns in the peruvian area called Cuzco. A real nice looking selection which seperates nicely away from their recent drop.

The capsule collection is now also available on the Webstore


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