Selective Thread

Introducing: Selective Thread. A brand that needs everyones attention right now!
Hailing from a warehouse constructed in a small bedroom, this brand needs nothing but praise on some of the fantastic new garments created. Tom Hunt, the owner, designer, and main man who puts it all together, as you can see has been working really hard on this ever growing project.

Working with a great mix of vintage fabrics, and Introducing a well crafted cut and sew element in to his work. I was lucky to receive a piece from his previous selection, which was made at random for me. I have nothing but great things to say about this brand.

Selective Thread has now gone viral across blogs such as Tumblr, and has already started getting a name for itself worldwide including and most importantly have worked previously on a collaboration with Brighton Streetwear store Below.

Have no hesitation, if you like what you see. Check out Selective Thread. They have a temporary Web-Store up and running right now. Make sure you follow their blog, and join their mailing list for future updates.

Selective Thead Webstore
Selective Thread Tumbr


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