Norse Projects "Hecktor Hawaii" 5 Panel Collection

As most of us are aware of the latest A/W Collection from Norse Projects, the recent drop out of the whole season has come to stand out the most. Pictured above, and now available online on their Webstore The Hecktor Hawaii 5 Panel Caps need no second looks. A smooth, and well executed selection of caps have been brought on to the table from Norse and without fail, as with every other one of their products from the current season and past, these, if more are a great addition to the collection.
The hawaii caps come in 2 different colourways, Navy and White ranging both at a respectable 50Euros.

The collection was also dropped with 2 other designs as part of the Hecktor range, including the Flowers caps which are both available in white and navy. Due to a personal preference the Hawaii range has managed to clinch that “wow” factor for me, but i am sure a few of you will disagree and may prefer some of the original A/W range which in a few select colourways are still available.

Like what you see? do not hesitate to pick up!


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