Freestyle Skatestore *Exclusive iLLSessions Interview*

Earlier this month, i interviewed a good friend and owner of Welsh Skatestore, Freestyle. (FSTL)
Freestyle has been running for over 15 years, and recently opened a brand new Store. I went and spoke to Grim (The Owner) and cover every base of the Store/Brand and discuss it’s success, its support and ever lasting courage to the City their based in, Newport.
Freestyle stock from local, to major branding and cover every area of Skate and Street.
Not to forget, they have gone on to get a solid unit of Skaters to be a part of the company, and are now one of the most noticed skate crews in the UK. Some of the FSTL Skate riders already sponsor major Skate brands, Including DC and have had many features in UK Skate Magazine, Sidewalk.

I recommend everyone (if you’re near the area, or fancy a little adventure) to take a look in the Store, visit some of the team riders and check out what Freestyle is about.
Freestyle Skatestore Web-Store


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