Listen Supply Co.

So a brand new year, and already signs of some fresh new branding coming out of the UK Indie Streetwear Scene.
Listen Supply Co, who are Bristol based have finally released their first selection.
After many months of previews via Instagram/Tumblr, they have come to release an incredibly strong first selection of Apparel and Headwear.
Proving in the photos above and below, you don’t even need to think about if the pricing is right on their products. Both colourway 5 panels proving the quality is there with that Wool and Suede blend and a neatly polished off stitched logo situated on the crown of the caps.

What i like about Listen Supply is that minimal and simplistic approach to their garments. Not showing any huge colour choices, but showing true emphasis in quality and style. Okay, not to everyones tastes or style, but personally for me they can do absolutely no wrong.
I have a very good feeling Listen have got more to come before this year is even touched Spring/Summer.

The release was first seen available in local SkateStore FiftyFifty, where the garments have been majorly pushed before everything went viral.
Most of the selection is still available, but if you’re looking to purchase, i would consider picking something up real soon.
T-Shirts are going quicker than most, what with Listen being stocked in store at FiftyFifty as well as online, so do not hesitate to pick up something!

Listen Supply Co. Webstore
Listen Supply Co Blog


3 thoughts on “Listen Supply Co.

  1. the pricing is still way too much. they aren't a 'brand' yet. i like the stuff just not paying those prices when i can get better quality garments/caps from better brands for the same price. not being a cunt just being honest.

  2. Unsure what you on saying when you say ' they aren't a 'brand' yet.' Well what are they then? that makes absolutely no sense at all. Every brand has to start somewhere.

  3. You can't talk about quality from a distance. Don't get caught up in that trap. What you're saying is that it isn't 'quality' until it's "made it", so to speak, only then you'll believe. Quality exists here, believe me, I own it.

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