Dark Nature Clothing ‘002’ Collection

The brand new collection from Dark Nature Clothing is now available! The brand dropped the new selection yesterday, and with the hype surrounding the brand at the moment, its certain to say that the brand have really delivered this time around. Offering a much wider and larger selection of Garments, from 2 new T-Shirt designs, Sweatshirt, Beanie and even some limited run Dog Tag Necklaces.
The design and the approach has stayed simular to the first release, keeping the same ideas and appeal and trying to push the original emblems and logo’s to the maximum. The garments are all printed on heavy cotton, and are available in White, Black and Navy. The web-store also includes the continued collaboration with FSTL (freestyle skatestore) offering a selection of assorted custom fabric pocket T-Shirts.

This is a great new release from an up and coming UK Streetwear brand. The approach is minimal, and it’s well executed. This is only their first main release offering a ‘selection’ rather than just one item, so it’ll be intriguing to know what else Dark Nature have in store before the year is through!

You can check out all the range on their web-store Dark Nature Clothing


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