Animal X 10 Deep

Animal, Mike Hoder, and 10Deep got together and worked on a one-off limited edition bike featuring Animal/Skavenger parts and 10Deep’s signature Tiger Stripe camo. Edwin hooked up with Hoder and his cute new dog to shoot a bunch of photos of the bike and Hoder.

Here’s what 10 Deep had to say about the collab’:

We’ve been participating (hanging out?) at the AGENDA tradeshow for several years now… With the show’s recent expansion into the BMX universe, fellow NYC brand ANIMAL joined the frey. Being that we share our home city, model/friend Mike Hoder and the quality of being stand-alone NYC brands, we decided to collaborate on a one-off bike, despite all our usual reservations about collaborating.
Wrapped in our signature Tiger Stripe camo, the bike uses a modification of ANIMAL’s M1 tube Skavenger frame, the bike features a custom 10.DEEP knuckle chain stay bridge, brown deadstock grips and a matching custom-upholstered leather cush seat, a piece-by-piece built alternating black-and-gold patterned chain, Tom White tan wall tires, and sidewalls that have been machined down to contrast their black center.
The project was a fun, no-brainer. We made one bike. It is not for sale, but you can make us an offer..

Check out the images of the bike below.


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