HBTV: Modern Day Artisans – Ricky Feather

When I first glimpsed across the name of this video I instantly reconised the name Ricky Feather’ but just couldn’t sum up where I heard it.  After a watching the video it was clear to me i reconised him from old bmx videos such as Voices.  It’s sick to see ricky putting so much love and attention into cycling whether its BMX or fixed gear.  I didn’t know much about this video until watching it and then reading the description which does it justices see see them both below:

In a little less than three years, Ricky Feather – otherwise recognized by his namesake bespoke bike building brand, “Feather Cycles” – has established an impressive reputation for his handcrafted bicycle frames. Having seemingly stumbled into the world of frame building via an apprenticeship working with metal welding, Feather started with little more than basic materials and rudimentary tools such as a file and torch when he initially set out to fabricate his first design. A byproduct of his own personal perfectionism, Feather’s hands-on approach and strict attention to detail is the cornerstone of the quality and identity that is attached to every frame that he individually creates. As he speaks on his concern surrounding the threats to the quality control from the potential expansion and mass production of his trade, it is evident that the same passion and conviction that guides Ricky Feather are yet another reminder of the importance of the remaining Modern Day Artisans.


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