Black and Colour (BLK&CLR) hail from the Southern Quarters of the UK, South Wales. Now and exclusively available are their first selection of garments from their debut range. Released earlier today, the brand have brought our 3 new t-shirts and a sweatshirt including a very strong look to their web-store.
A slightly different blend of style away from the usual Streetwear based brands discussed on here, but this brand really stands out in terms of strength and potential. There may well be some talk about the brand not really having that Streetwear appeal, but i feel its debut line really shows a nice push in the right direction of all things coming out of the UK right now.
So many brands are doing the same thing, and stepping on the same toes as what other brands are doing right now, so seeing Black and Colour doing something a lot more refreshening, even if it just T-Shirts and Sweaters, its nice to see some real potential in their line.

The collection is available now at Black And Colour Big Cartel

We look forward to seeing what is next for the brand, and believe a Summer collection is already in the sights, a long with a small Collaboration with another South based Brand.


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