Selective Hearing is 2!

Hello world. For those of you unaware Selective Hearing is a monthly night in Manchester and they are celebrating their second birthday on Saturday. Manchester’s night life is one of the healthiest in the UK right now and nights like Selective Hearing epitomize why the city is regarded by many as a national hub for for an amazing night life.

The night began in March 2010 where XXXY, Lojik, Geiom and Guido graced the Attic which holds around 150 people and since then has had some of the finest names in tech-house, techno, 2-step, bass and future garage. I won’t list all the names but past headliners include Martyn, Kyle Hall, Objekt, 2562, Synkro, Indigo, Addison Groove, Scuba, Cosmin TRG plus a host of other huge names.

Selective Hearing also have an ethos based on pushing artists who have the talent who won’t necessary draw the ‘crowds’ but regardless always have a place at their shows. This is probably best highlighted by their residents Versa and Shadowfax who continue to develop their sound and continue to evolve, Selective Hearing has provided a platform for these artists to grow and continue to keep growing.

For their second birthday they have Actress, Space Dimension Controller and Redshape. If you’ve never been to Selective Hearing this would probably be the best time to experience one of Manchester’s finest nights…


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