A Crucial Watch…..

Over the past cold, wet and wintery months good friend and Crucial BMX Shop owner Scott Summerhayes and one of his team riders Lee Enever have been getting together together as regulary as possible to cop footage for a new edit.  Unfortunately during the process of filming Lee sustained a nasty injury from a harsh bail which is linked below also but that doesn’t mean to say that Scott didn’t cop enough footage to drop an absolutely sweet edit any way, shout out to Lee though for his commitment and we all wish a get well soon here over at iLL Sessions.

Check out the video below along with the video clip of Lee’s nasty bail:



To add to to this post recently me and my photography genius friend Callan Hammond took to the streets of Manchester to shoot some photos and the results were great!  Reppin’ for my boys at Crucial as usual you can go look at the pictures on one of four options Callan’s Flickr, Callan’s ‘Inertia Life’ Photography blog, his Facebook page which you need to go to and ‘Like’ or just scroll down and check them out below!


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