Esah Clothing SS/12

This season is really starting to show a great deal of brand new brands stepping up, introducing themselves and bringing out their first line of products, and executing them in their own way. 
S/S12 sees the introduction to another brand new brand, hailing from Cardiff, South Wales. 
Esah Clothing which hugely influenced around menswear and street wear, have brought together a solid collection of Spring and Summer garments including three different t-shirts as well as a crew neck sweater and various accessories, all executed professionally and most of the accessories being hand made. 
The owner comes from a large fashion background, and it’s easily shown within the brand and its imagery. The pocket t-shirt especially is a cut above most other brands who are bringing out that simular style. The pocket has been hand made and cut to perfection with all the other garments being sat perfectly in the collection having a different appeal, but showing it’s true quality standing out with, its key to detail being evident in every one of their products.

Esah is a brand definitely to keep an eye through out this season, as i’m sure this is not all that is to come. With the background the designer and brand owner has, i am sure there is plenty more in the pipeline. 

For a closer look at their store, and their lookbook, follow the links below: 


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