Outfit Option #1 | Men’s Winter Fit

Late on in the evening last night on Tumblr, I was asked 3 questions about outfit ideas. The first was for a mens winter fit, the second for a chilled wedding after party outfit and the third was for a more affordable mens option. I love the thought of styling, I get to use my styling skills with customers in Carhartt and of course my friends, it feels great knowing that you have helped somebody find an outfit that makes them feel amazing. Because of this I decided to post the asks on here, with images of my outfit options and where you can buy each item from! Here’s the first of the 3 fits…


Diemme Inverno Vets for your cold feet, ED-47 (nice rainbow selvage for possible brenting/pin rolls) to keep your legs warm, carharrt master shirt navy, Y.M.C brushed supersoft crew azure, if the weather is rain a Norse Projects Elka in butter nut or shadow grey, if it’s dry and cold then splash out on a nigel cabourn everest parka haha! finish off wiiiith some np ivar gloves – don’t expect to be able to use your iphone with those on, in which case get the north face e-tip’s instead, hmmm whack a norse projects 5 panel or a carhartt cable knit beanie on with a nanamica cycling pack and apart from being skint, you’ll look pretty f*ing wonderful 🙂

Diemme Inverno Vet – available: pedestoffer

or if you’re feeling brave try…

Diemme ‘Pony Pack’ Roccia Vet – available: Triads

ED47 Rainbow Selvage – available: Edwin Europe

Carhartt Master Shirt – available: Carhartt-WIP

Y.M.C Brushed Supersoft Crew – available: Oi Polloi

Norse Projects Elka (in either Butter Nut or Shadow Grey) – available: Oi Polloi

Nigel Cabourn Everest Parka – available: Coggles

Norse Projects Ivar Gloves (Yellow) – available: GoodHood

The North Face Etip Gloves – available: The North Face

Nanamica Cycling Pack ( If you are purchasing the Nigel Cabourne jacket I suggest a different colour bag) – available: Oi Polloi

Norse Projects 5 Panel – available: Well Gosh

Fit complete! Hold tight for the next one!


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