Introducing: Well Made Magazine | Issue #1

Well Made Magazine, a free newspaper produced for a London based ethical T Shirt manufacturer called Mantisworld (making T-shirts for other businesses, ensuring that everything is fair trade and well made) by T-Shirt lover interested in graphic design / textile design / screen printing / music / illustration / parties / people, for T-Shirt lovers with similar interests!

In the first issue you will find interviews with…

– Jerry Dammers ( The Specials / The Spatial AKA Orchestra)

– Andrew Bunney ( British Remains / Honeyee blog)

– Simon “Barnzley” Armitage  (A Child Of The Jago)

– Dilys Williams (Centre for Sustainable Fashion / London College of Fashion)
– Steven Bethell (Beyond Retro)
& many others!
Check out the video, I love watching people screen printing!!!!!!
Directed by Nigel Christian featuring  Craig Currahee.
Make sure to check out the Well Made T Shirt Club blog:
 – Well Made Facebook page:
 You can pick up Issue #1 of the Well Made Magazine from Beyond Retro, Present London, A Child of The Jago and Rich Mix!
If you need any more information be sure to contact:
I know I will be!

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