The iLL sessions

Andrew Taylor, a good friend of mine speaks sneakers and shows us his impressive collection!
1. How long have you been collecting sneakers for?
– I wouldn’t say I was a collector as such, I’m not too bothered about having the rarest SB or next collaborations… Patta, Ben Drury and Ronnie Fieg aside. I guess it started around aged 10/11 when I realised I was always looking at the older kids feet wondering where they got their shoes from, Rockport’s, Lacoste Boots and Nike TN – classic scally outfits. I reckon when I was about 15 I really started getting into trainers, kickin’ off with Nike Air Max Lights.
2. How many pairs do you own?
-Now I have about 60-70 pairs. Every so often I have an eBay clear out, that helps keeps numbers down and fund the habit.
3. Which is your favourite pair?

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