Jack Stocker | Basic Shapes – Sneaker Art

Whilst flicking through my Instagram dash last night I came across these 6 sneaker images on @freshlystocked instagram using basic shapes and block colours. Of course I was instantly impressed, my love for everything simple has finally been used on my other love… sneakers!

@freshlystocked the guy responsible for these illustrations of the Nike AM1, Huarache, AMlight, AM90 Infra, Air180 and the Air Flow is more formally known as Jack Stocker, an 18 year old graphic designer also studying photography and textiles at worthing college.

When I asked Jack what the purpose of these illustrations were for, he simply said for fun and feedback. So, check him on Instagram (@freshlystocked) or drop him an email (jack.stocker@hotmail.com) if you have anything to ask him!

If anybody has any other sneaker related illustration or just art in general you think I might like, be sure to email it over to leimai@lemaow.com PCE!


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