Sneakerhunter: The search is on.

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We all know that eBay is good if you want to find something in a hurry, but then you’ve got Paypal to figure out, waiting for goods to be transferred and sometimes the seller just wants your money and decides never to send those new Air Max that you’ve been searching for the last 4 months! It’s all hard work if you ask me and I think it’s time to just let someone else who knows the in’s and out’s of the sneaker buying game to do the hard work. That’s where Sneakerhunter comes in!

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 22.47.02

When I first spoke to Sneakerhunter on Tumblr, he suggested to swap a bit of promo he would find me any pair of sneakers I wanted, needless to say I was dubious. I’ve been a fan of sneakers since I was about 12 and believe me I’ve had many a struggle trying to find pairs that I’ve wanted in my size (UK4.5/ UK5) especially my favourite… Huaraches. So the test began. I asked him to find me a pair of 1991 Huaraches in either a size UK 4.5 or a UK 5. To be honest a couple of weeks passed and I forgot all about it, until one absolutely rad day I clicked on my email app and low and behold an email with 3 images showing the 1991 Huaraches that he had found me in a UK4.5! I gave him my address and a whole load of thank you’s and then a couple of days later I was reppin’ those bad boys like there was no tomorrow!

imageI know what you’re thinking… “oh my word I need him to find me those Atmos Elephants”! and “ermagherddddd I must contact this fine specimen and request the search of the Clot AM1 to commence immediately”. Well don’t worry there are plenty of ways to get hold of this righteous sneakerhunter, hit him up on Instagram: @sneakerhunter247  or follow him on TUMBLR  check out his WEBSTORE or email him directly at and let the hun begin!!!




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