iLL Sneaker Collections #1 | thepickups

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I talk to thepickups (or Dave if you prefer real names) about his impressive accumulation of sneakers and just generally get a bit nosey! Check it out and make sure you head over to his TUMBLR where you can see even more of his mass stockpile.


• Hey, How’s it going? Thanks for being a part of this! How long have you been collecting sneakers for?

Over 20 years now.  Growing up I was lucky to see Michael Jordan play so I was all into Jordans at the time.  I still am, but now I’m more into running shoes / trainers.  I’ve been buying a lot of New Balance and Asics lately.

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• how many pairs do you own?

I hate saying this but around 250.  I know, I have a problem.

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• which is your favourite pair?

Basketball wise, Jordan XI space jam.  Trainer wise, I love each shoe in the Patta x AM1 series.  

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• which pair did you go to the most trouble to get your paws on?

Yeezy II’s. did that online release, and I sat at my damn computer the entire day refreshing that shit.  It’s one thing to wait in line, but to have to constantly refresh the twitter feed was a nightmare.  Then you had to react within seconds to get it into your cart.

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• grail sneaker?

That I own, Pigeon dunks.  That I want, Undefeated Jordan IV’s or Wu-tang Dunks.  

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 21.02.53 Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 21.03.03


• if you could take any sneaker and make it better, which would it be and why?

I don’t like to mess with classics, but this new lunarlon sole is so comfortable. If there was a way to add it to the air max 1 without ruining the silhouette, then I would like Nike to try.  

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• if you could visit anywhere in the world to go sneaker shopping where would it be?

London / Europe.  Hopefully you could show me around?  I like how trainers seem to be the main emphasis over there.  And also, the collab’s you guys get are ridiculous.  Over here in the US, things have become all messed up, mainly the resellers.  Here in LA, a bunch of the main stores do raffles now.  So you see people bringing their mom, dad, three little sisters, and even their 80 year old grandma to get tickets.  And the worst thing about it is they don’t even want the shoe.  They just want to flip it.  Shit is out of hand.  

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• favourite daily sneakers?

Jordan III black cement

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• favourite rave/show beater sneaker

Standing for that long, Nike Roshe

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• what is your latest purchase?

Air Max 1 x Atmos

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• what is your next planned purchase?

I always get your Euro release times off, so I missed the Hanon x Saucony’s.  Need to track those shadows down.

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• anything to add before we let you leave?

Thanks Lei-Mai for letting me do this. It’s pretty amazing how social media has connected me with so many amazing people around the world. Each individual is unique in their own way, but we all share that same passion.  Follow me @Gambino99 on Twitter and Instagram

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Thanks Dave!! It’s been emotional (mostly because I want all your sneakers and can’t even get them in my size)!

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