Imagine | iLL Sneaker Fusion – iLL sessions x Rago1 x Gambino99

Yesterday I spoke to thepickups (Dave @Gambino99) about his vast sneaker collection, the first of many iLL sneaker collection features. In one of the questions for the feature I ask “if you could take any sneaker and make it better, which would it be and why”? thepickups answer got me thinking…

“I don’t like to mess with classics, but this new lunarlon sole is so comfortable. If there was a way to add it to the air max 1 without ruining the silhouette, then I would like Nike to try”.  

I tried a pair of Flyknit Lunar 1+ the other day, having not been interested in the silhouette before, as soon as I took one step in them my mind was completely changed. The lunar sole is so soft and comfy I felt to buy them there and then. So, as I read the answer from thepickups and the Air Max 1 being my absolute favourite silhouette in sneaker land I had to make this happen somehow.

I contacted my talented friend Adam Bartlett (Instagram @rago1) to ask him if he could fuse the two so we could take a look at thepickups idea and it actually looks really clean and absolutely brilliant… so much so I’m hoping it becomes a real thing!

Let us know what you think!

Nike Lunar AM1 Premium Black/Metallic Gold-Hyper Red – iLL sessions x Rago1 x thepickups fusion concept.




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