Law Magazine | Issue 3 Launch & Exclusive Interview w/ John Holt

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I headed down to the Big Smoke on Thursday to check out the launch party for the 3rd issue of independent magazine LAW (Lives And Works). The launch was held at the infamous Goodhood store based in the growing heart of East London. Having had the opportunity to watch this magazine grow from its humble beginnings I didn’t expect to turn up and see a roadblock of people for a magazine that’s still in its early stages. With this being the 3rd edition released there really was (and is) a great buzz surrounding it. For me the magazine is filled full of nostalgic memories of growing up in the Naughties, from pages filled with Nokia phones of a time gone by and memories of when your trainers where bought for you by your parents who just couldn’t understand the ethos of paying £90 for a pair of the latest Airs.
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We had the pleasure of catching up with John Holt (LAW Creator) and fired a few iLLSessions Questions at him, check out what he had to say…

So who are you?

John Holt

My dads a reggae star my brother Tommy is a machine gun



Where are you from?

I’m a Fenboy at heart

What do you do?

Make a magazine called LAW, it’s my pride and joy.

Describe a day in your life.

Putting out fires all over the shop and lighting new ones

Favourite footwear?

Reebok Classics

Favourite item of clothing?

My APC Mac

Whats in your pockets/bag?

My cutters choice, blue rizla and blue oysters

Last item you purchased?

Box fresh Reebok Classics & a new pair of Nudie’s from Dogfish for the Issue 3 launch. Can’t beat a fresh pair of Nudie’s

Biggest fashion faux-par?

Each to their own

Last time you got caught doing something wrong?

I’m a good boy

3 things you can’t live with out?

Family, friends & LAW

1 thing to do before you die?

Go to a hot country, see what white sand and clear water looks like.

One secret about your city?

London is the place to be. There’s a foot tunnel between Greenwich & The Isle of Dogs where you can walk under the Thames, that’s pretty cool.

Biggest Regret?


Suggest something for our followers to check out!

LAW Issue 3 & our new garage night with Losian Records called ‘Joyride’


To all the believers & day dreamers

Anything you want to say to us before you leave?


Thank’s John for your time!

To pick up your very own issue of LAW click here.

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