Dave White – Artist | iLL sessions Q&A


I was lucky enough to get a chance to fire our iLL sessions questions and answers at artist Dave White today. I’ve been a big fan of his work for years now, after first seeing one of his sneaker paintings in a shop in Liverpool around 9 years ago. He’s exhibited his amazing work throughout the globe, dedicating his paintings to sneakers, animals, superheroes, tanks and much more!

I’ve added some of my favourite paintings but be sure to check out his WEBSITE and enjoy his Q&A (the man’s got 2 iPods)!!




• So… Who are you? 

Dave White

• Age?


• Where are you from?


• What do you do?


• Describe a day in your life.

Up early, coffee on, feed cats, tunes on, breakfast, coffee, studio,home, dinner, gaming, movie, bed.

• Favourite footwear?

Nike Air Jordan V

• Favourite item of clothing?

Vintage Trans AM Tee

• What’s in your pockets/bag right now?

Wallet, Phone, USB, Ipad, Comb, Ipods, Keys, another Ipod.

• Last item you purchased?

 Land Rover Defender 90

• Biggest fashion faux-par?

 Purple All over Zebra print cap and tee, Tokyo 2007

• Last time you got caught doing something wrong?

I never get caught

• 3 things you can’t live without?

My wife, coffee, gaming

• 1 thing to do before you die?

Learn how to fly fast jets

• 1 secret about your city?

My old studio used to house the British Museums Mummies before I moved in.

• Biggest regret?

No regrets

• Suggest something for our followers to check out.



Friends old and new and thanks to all who enjoy my work

• Anything you want to say before you leave?

Never ever give up.

Thanks again for your time Dave!


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