Nike | Air Max 1 – FB


Being dubbed the Nike Air Max 1 “Yeezy”, I take great delight (for personal reasons, mainly that I can’t stand Kanye West) in telling you guys that the Air Max 1 FB is actually inspired by a shoe from the Nike Football FC247 Collection; hence the ‘FB’. It’s clear why the mistake is being made, the fresh mint mudguard that sits atop of the black upper and pink accents on the sole and air unit have an extremely similar flow to the Air Yeezy, undeniably a great colourway but without all the ties to Kanye West, result!

The Nike Air Max 1 FB will be available this afternoon from End Clothing, don’t miss out this silhouette sale is sure to resemble one of hot cakes!



One thought on “Nike | Air Max 1 – FB

  1. I’m actually really fucking glad to have found out these air max 1 is not based on the “yeezy” because I fucking hate that show and Kanye aswell but love the air max 1 silhouette


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