6ACRE Kicks | Manchester Sneaker Convention


If you’re in to sneakers, be you a collector, a rotator, a buyer and seller or if you just like having fresh crepes on your urban paddles then the chances that you’ve been to a sneaker convention are pretty high. You know how it works, sneaker stalls, apparel, munch, beverages, beats and good vibes is the usual hype. These conventions go on around the world and some of you trace to all of them! Well you know us here at The iLL sessions, we’re telling you about the UK!

6ACRE Kicks is set to be Manchester’s first ever sneaker convention, featuring some of the biggest sneaker collectors and independent clothing brands showcasing their best, as well as local DJs and MCs keeping things alive in the bar area through out the day, sneaker customisers, barbers and much more making this event more than just a sneaker convention, but a lifestyle festival!



The event is to be held 27/07/2013 at 20/22 in The Northern Quarter and I can confirm this venue will not disappoint with it’s unique style. Trading times are set at 12-8pm so plenty of time to get your shop on, 50 VIP tickets will be available for £5 each, with entry on the door at £2.

Follow 6ACRE:


Twitter: @6acrekicks

Instagram: 6acre_kicks





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