HEKStyle x iLL sessions

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We’re proud here at iLL sessions to showcase our first ever collaboration and who better for us to collab with than the talented David Blake a.k.a HEKStyle.

HEKStyle is thee top sneaker customiser in the UK, hailing from dagenham with a background in graffiti and canvas art, he has created custom crepes for the likes of Jessie J, Eliza Doolittle, Dizzee Rascal and P Money to name a few!

The process is simple, put a deposit down on your sneaks, get some chat going with HEKStyle about how you would like your sneaks to look and what style of sneaker you’re in to getting customised, after that ish is reviewed and approved complete payment and sit back and let the magic happen! (Check the FAQ for a detailed guide to purchasing).


We decided to choose the Nike Air Max 1 GS black – turquoise – stadium grey (one of @LeiMaiLeMaow‘s favourites) and requested an Atmos elephant feel to the customisation. After a nod to the design idea and a short wait for the return of the sneaks we’re completely siked with the outcome, check the timelapse to watch the master at work!

To celebrate our rad collab, HEKStyle is offering a 20% discount on custom orders, simply enter ILLSESSIONS discount code at the checkout!

So we’d like to say big ups for that and thanks for our ‘iLL max1’s’, make sure you check HEKStyle on Twitter, Instagram and be sure to hit up the webstore for your custom orders or to pre order a pair of the limited edition Nike Air Max 1 Man Army, but before you go check out the iLL sessions Q&A we threw his way…

• Who are you? David “HEKStyle” Blake

• Age? 27

• Where are you from? Dagenham

• What do you do? Paint, amongst other things

• Describe a day in your life. Think too much, work on my ideas, save some for later…

• Favourite footwear?  Safaris at the minute

• Favourite item of clothing? Depends on the given time of a given day… on this given day, cut down track bottoms.

• What’s in your pockets/bag right now? Electric key (should put that back in!) iphone, keys, loose change.

• Last item you purchased? Olympus PEN Mini

• Biggest fashion faux-par? Hats… My head don’t like’em

• Last time you got caught doing something wrong? Caught? come’ere’Daisy, ‘ere boy…

• 3 things you can’t live without? music, film, books

• 1 thing to do before you die? Create a list of things to do before I die.

• 1 secret about your city? I live here… They don’t know because I’m a studio hermit

• Biggest regret?  erm… life lessons and all that

• Suggest something for our followers to check out. My website HEKStyle.com

Shoutouts?  keep your voice down

• Anything you want to say before you leave? Everybody knows that you’re insane… Ramble on!


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