Mr NN Belts| Made In Great Britain


Running with the Northampton theme at the moment I was sent these two belts from MR NN yesterday. The build quality on these are outstanding proving there is still alot of life left in Great British industry. Using a premium leather, you can really feel this in the weight and as Boris the blade points out ; heavy is good, heavy is reliable.

Not being afraid to try something different I had to ask for that vibrant yellow flavour, It reminds me heavily of what this brand is trying to achieve, staying true to its rich industrial heritage the ” Northampton shoe industry”.

Perks of this plaited belt is the room for expansion or shrinking, without any precut holes to put the latch in, its perfect for that fluctuating waist line. The buckle seems solid and their subtle burgundy branding with an embossed logo  is a mark of understated class, all though this belt is worth a pretty penny think of it as an investment. What other items of clothing do you wear everyday? If you contact me in a year or two, I bet this will still be rocking as hard as it is today.


Be sure to check out their website here, To find out what its all about. if your’e more of a touchy feely kind of guy, I can guarantee this product will be in a store near you very soon. *sorry in advance for the crotch shot*


Authors Instagram: @bedfordcool


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