iLL Session | Sneaker Commercials

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In this weeks iLL session (doing exactly what it says on the tin, a session full of iLL stuff) we’re going to post our favourite sneaker commercials, there’s been so many so obviously it was tough to have to leave some out and we may even have let some belters slip through the net but we’ve picked a good bunch so sit back and enjoy!

In no particular order our first pick is Little Penny and Penny Hardaway ads, this one features Tyra Banks but you’ll remember there was a fair few of these ads to showcase the Air Penny!

So next up is Butter Shoes, a commercial by Footlocker as part of their “it’s a sneaker thing” ads, fairs the first girl isn’t that special and the second girl isn’t really ugly but it’s pretty funny all the same!

Ok so this next commercial isn’t funny or anything and it was a throw up between this and the Michael Jackson ad but I just remember wanting these L.A gear so bad when I was younger and saw it so I picked this one!

I recon this next video is definitely one of the most impressive out of our pics, HIFANA get together in a secret location in Tokyo and turn some free run+ in to samplers to show how flexible the sneakers are!

We can’t be forgetting football so the next video is Ronaldo and the brazilian team messing about in an airport!

A cartoon’s turn now for the nike charles barkley ad in 1991

A bit of bad quality here but we couldn’t leave this one out! The Hare Jordan advert!

I don’t even like K Swiss but I fuckin’ love Kenny ‘fuckin’ Powers so that’s why this ad is here!

Gotta have a bit of Spike and Mike!

Going back to 1985 now with the Jordan I ‘Banned’ commercial, the sneaker outlawed by NBA Commissioner David Stern for not having any white on them!

To finish up, (definitely feeling like I’ve missed some gooduns out, feel free to add video links in the comments section) I couldn’t pick just one of these so I managed to find a video with all the Kobe & LeBron ads!



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