Turf Garden Party | Dimensions Festival Launch


There aren’t many people around who have the courage to go and do something completely different in contemporary music, and even fewer who have the skill to make it work.

I can think of a small handful of examples, but the first one that springs to mind is Floating Points. He’s been responsible for injecting funk and soul back into electronic music probably more than anyone else. And his spine-tingling compositions are as at home in a jazz café as they are in a club at 5am.

Maybe it’s an unlikely background that makes his music so different – his father is a vicar and he started his music career in a church choir when he was a kid. Either way it’s great to have a breath of fresh air from the sometimes all-too-similar output of UK artists.

TURF  try and book artists who are doing something new; pushing something that you believe in is a lot easier than pushing something you don’t.

On Wednesday they are playing hose to  an all-day festival just outside Cambridge in the gardens of Anstey Hall from 11am-9pm. There’s food and drink and music is provided by Floating Points and the rest of his record label – Eglo Records – that he co-curates with Alexander Nut, connoisseur of hip-hop old and new.

If you’re in London/East of the UK and want to see some of the most exciting artists around on one of the best soundsystems in the UK then grab yourself a ticket.

Tickets Here. 

Facebook  Here.


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