Tonight | The Real Me Tj Dolan


Tj Dolan who is best known to the most as Krek, has certainly had his ups and downs over the last 10 years, from facing jail time with a 15 month sentence to  a request to exhibit at Miami’s Art Basel, the world’s biggest contemporary art show.


If you ever meet Krek, or take your time out to visit his blog you will see he rarely conforms to trends, he stands out with his bold style, whether its graffiti, illustration or fashion you can be sure you are getting a one off item. Taking alot of his  influences by his time spent  locked away at her majesty’s pleasure, there is a lot going on in this creative mind.


Krek has his first solo show happening this evening and if you find yourself in the vicinity of the north-west especially Macclesfield be sure to check it out, possibly part with a bit of pocket money, as this guy is set to do big things.


Find out more about this show on the face book page here.

Plus keep locked in for another quick-fire QnA with man like Krek over the next coming weeks, remember support this guy.


Authors Instagram: @bedfordcool


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