Vamp |Trying To Put Justice Into Injustice

6329418432_66413dc39f_zAs many of you are aware by now and if not, I’m sure after reading this you will be. Graffiti writer Vamp started a 42 month sentence yesterday, that’s three and a half years for all of you that work in real time. Imagine everything you have done in that time, what you will go on and achieve and how many memories you will make. Now on this blog, we talk  a lot about materialistic items and items that will improve our lifestyles. Most of us wish we had more money to buy luxury items or disposable fashions, this guy has ultimately payed the biggest price for the lifestyle he chose to live, his FREEDOM.



Now here is my problem, the difference between laws and morals, its definitely an unwritten rule don’t do the crime if you can’t face the time; BUT if the time isn’t written in stone and depending on who’s fronting your case, its ultimately down to the judge. So does this make it the law? Or does it make it his own personal views and morals?

Now take your time to read this. This guy openly admitted he abused teenage girls and fantasied about getting his imaginary daughters raped. The judge ruled that jail time would do nothing for him as this is an addiction and  handing out a 12 month sentence would mean he would ultimately  face four months in jail, which apparently was not worth it.

How can Graffiti not be seen as an addiction?  It is a “crime” that is unlike many others, there is no financial gain, you acquire your tools of the trade at a price and go out and represent yourself as an artist, so that others can pass judgment on what you do. Now I understand to a lot of people graffiti is a mess, but this guy was not a random scrawler or into the kind of vandalism your teenage daughter causes when she’s in love with some next guy. Most people can walk into the Tate and not like something in there. Art is down to your own personal choice and opinions. Vamps put the effort in, his advertising campaign was on point and certainly went above and beyond the call of duty to keep things colourful, in a brown and grey dull world.


Ask yourself this, who is more harmful in our society? A guy who fantasies about not only rape but doing it to someone who is close to him? Or a  respectable father of two who pays his way in a confused society? Who shies away from public attention to commit random acts of Art/Vandalism (depending on your outlook).

My opinion alone wont change anything but if I use this forum to express my concern it may make others aware of  what I believe to be a corrupt injustice being served to many people in the U.K at the moment. My idea is to make them give back to society. Imagine how many youth centers, schools and deprived areas in this country would benefit from people like this. Giving up their free time to teach and educate people about art, society and give people a sense of worth, rather than spending their money on keeping him in prison, when he inflicts no harm to the society we live in. Would this not be much more beneficial?



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