The Lurkers x Exposure

the lurkersI’m a big fan of getting out the house and doing something that does not involve rinsing most of my weeks wages, whilst having to talk to a bunch of people you knew back in school who you now have nothing in common with, in some newly refurbished church, come trendy wine bar, who only do a cheap drinks deal on the most watered down sugar filled cocktail, that reminds you of being addicted to Sunny D at age 12. Anyway rant over. I’ve been following these guys for a while now, they  seem to share my enthusiasm for “Lurkin“, being able to judge  the line between right and wrong and using personal morals and intuition, plus having more curiosity then a cat, made me instantly hooked.

tumblr_m2djptlcm11rtfpt5o1_1280 tumblr_mgtu95q6OP1rtfpt5o1_1280tumblr_meivomtigy1rtfpt5o1_1280tumblr_ml4zylGprl1rtfpt5o1_1280 tumblr_mltfd13Ejo1rtfpt5o1_1280

Not only is the photography on point but so is the fashion, the girls and some of the painting (Jokes). On the evening of July 4th they will showcase collections of work including unseen photography, paintings and a video of their latest trip to Bulgaria where they hooked up with The Grifters.


Basically what I’m trying to get at is if you live anywhere south of the Midlands, you have no excuse not to be attending this at Exposure Gallery London,  in collaboration with Premier Models. If you do manage to come up with some sort of lame excuse like re-runs on X-factor or Hollyoaks late night edition, take a minute out of your schedule and check out their website THE LURKERS ; They put the lurk in so you don’t have to.



Authors Instagram: BedfordCool


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