Garbstore x Reebok | Outside In – Fall/Winter ’13


Sometimes it is absolutely necessary, to do a blog post at sixteen minutes past midnight, even though your eyeballs feel like they’re made of rusty metal and  your brain can barely remember how to find the right keys on your computer… now is one of those times.

I have just laid eyes upon the Garbstore x Reebok collab. A collab design that was left up to Ian Paley of Garbstore. Ian decided that he liked the inners of classic Reeboks and has displayed that beauty publicly across various Reebok silhouettes and my oh my do they look good!

Stay tuned for more detailed looks of this release set to drop from July through to October!

garbstore-reebok_09 garbstore-reebok garbstore-reebok_10 garbstore-reebok_07 garbstore-reebok_06 garbstore-reebok_05 garbstore-reebok_04 garbstore-reebok_03 garbstore-reebok_02


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