Chari & Co NYC | SSCY – Tack Bag



I’m a bit of a nightmare when it comes to bags, I’ll like one when I leave the house but as soon as I get in to town I’ll change my mind and wish I used a different one. For instance, if I go to town on my bike with my messenger bag on, as soon as I get to town and lock up my bike, I feel like an idiot walking around with a messenger bag because I assume people think I don’t actually have a bike; or, if I go with my backpack on it’s a pain to get things out of, taking it on and off your shoulder every time you want to pay for something.

Chari & Co NYC (chari or charinco meaning bike casually in Japanese), are a company specialising in bike frames and parts but they also do clothing, accessories and stock various other bike related brands, so I often have a little route through their site to see if anything takes my fancy… tonight I came across this particular item in their store by SSCY and it has definitely made it’s way in to my birthday list (July 29th just in case you want to send me a present haha)! Not only is it a backpack/messenger top loader but it’s also a tote and a carry case as well! It’s smart yet simple and chilled design means it’s perfect for most occasions; shopping, cycling or just hyping one off to your mates!


DSC07093-copy DSC07088-copy DSC07083-copy


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