Reebok x Palace| Keeping It Classic

If you have been on the internet this week at all, I’m sure you will be no stranger to this collaboration. Reebok x Palace.

ATNF x THE REST x COMMONN from The Rest on Vimeo.

I have been rocking Reebok’s  since I was a youth, when I thought blazing squad was the be all and end all of fashion. I was naturally intrigued with  this collaboration, Palace is definitely the U.K brand of now, making triangles the new circles and every man and their dog claiming they know “the guy” or my friend skates with him. Now either, he’s a real sociable guy or name dropping is still cool?3 4

This collaboration is made up of  four shoes, two Workouts, one black, one  white, both with gum soles, alongside two Classics, one black with white detailing and the other, a  classic British colour way of  red, white, blue.



I personally prefer the black workouts with the gum soles, the nu-buck leather on this shoe is some high grade material not like your usual Sportsworld pickup. Their is some nice detailing on this shoe with an embossed logo on the heel and a gold embroided tongue, but what really sets these shoes off is the laces, all shoes come with these laces its definitely a strong look.


My suggestion would be to cop yourself a pair here, as you can bet their going to go quick time.


Authors instagram: BedfordCool.

Photos courtesy of: Commonn Store. and AllTYPENOFACE.


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