Jaywick Express

Whilst out searching for my next beach holiday, I came across the quaint little seaside town of Jaywick. Always looking for a last minute deal I decided to do a little research on my chosen destination.


Jaywick started off as private land, bought by a wealthy business man Frank Stedman, The homes here began as temporary chalets built from old crates from the nearby Ford factory.  It was originally intended as a holiday resort for Londoners. Many of the houses were poorly constructed and were only intended for short-term holiday use. As time has passed, more and more people moved into the area and stayed. Many of the holiday homes are now permanent residences and in a state of disrepair.

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Jaywick is Britains most deprived place, with most of the area being publicly owned and not council run, the usual suits and ties  cant just mozey on down and start up the bulldozers, kick people out and  move the problems elsewhere.


Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope’s documentary,  Jaywick Escapes  is a true reflection of British culture, all though they all have East-End accents, their is no swanky coffee shops and 24hour bagels round here.

Dan Guy, Brooklands estate, Jaywick

If you ever get a chance to catch a screening of this its highly recommended.

Authors Instagram: BedfordCool


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