New Works by Mr Penfold + the iLL sessions Q&A


Mr Penfold is a Cambridge based artist, known predominantly for his brightly coloured characters and relentless sticker bombing. Over  recent months I have  started to see new ideas emerging, Penfold is starting to create a more experimental, abstract side to his work, keeping  up the theme of bright colours and always managing to sneak that hook nose in somewhere.


I caught up with Mr Penfold last week, to sneak  a peak at what this guy’s been up to and  to try find out what’s in store for his debut London solo show entitled cleverly Penfold, new works by Mr Penfold.


This show is not to be missed, not only is the in the East-end of London, it’s also offering a little more thought, with the evening described as “a dining experience in which the diner is fully immersed into the mind of the artist. A carefully curated space by Mr. Penfold himself draws the guest into his abstract world; full of colours and shapes that make the basis of his conceptual street art.”


Whilst taking photos of his studio I managed to hit him up with our quick QnA, and here is the outcome.

Who are you.
Mr Penfold
25 and a bit
Where are you from
Cambridge Uk.
What do you do.
I’m a screen printer and artist.
Describe a day in your life.
Wake up, Iced coffee, Print studio, more coffee, Home to the other studio, Paint till my eyes hurt, Sleep.
Favourite footwear.
Can’t go wrong with a nice pair of sandals.
Favourite item of clothing.
What ever’s clean.
Whats in your pockets/bag.
Phone, Wallet, Stickers, Sketchbook, Headphones, Pain killers.
Last item you purchased.
A fresh pair of free runs.
Biggest fashion faux-par.
Cornrows (they made me do it!)
Last time you got caught doing something wrong.
Painting WU TANG on a shutter.
3 things you can’t live with out.
Wife, Ribena, NY fatcaps.
1 thing to do before you die.
Have a family.
One secret about your city.
We have the original copies of Winnie the pooh.
Biggest Regret.
Not going to see iron man 3 in 3d
Suggest something for our followers to check out
Anything you want to say to us before you leave?
Come see my show yo!
The show opens on the 1st of August, 6-9pm at 69 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JL
Join the Facebook page HERE
Authors Instagram: @Bedfordcool

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