On Board a Real Life Ghost Train

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 21.14.34 

Ok soooo, you might think I’ve gone a bit mad posting something like this but I think in life it’s random things like this that I find myself loving the most, that need for a “project” as Tim says in the film, or just the want to do something that other people aren’t, a way to experience something on a personal level which I enjoy.

Parliamentary trains which are also known as ghost trains, are services that often run as little as once a week and sometimes only in one direction. They’re used to keep the lines in use rather than spending unnecessary fees to legally close them down and deem them a waste of space.

These trains don’t show on your everyday timetable so tracking them down can be a bit of a mission, if you’re up for that then well, you can by all means class yourself as a ghost train hunter! As Tim Hall-Smith says, it’s a quirky British thing and you know what, I’m all about that!

Enjoy the video, this one features some Northern Fail trains, the normal services I can’t stand, these ghost services look way more enticing! Plus it’s a nice edit!

Authors instagram: @leimai_lemaow


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