Manchester Pure Drama |the iLL sessions Q&A w/ Chimpo


If you’re from Manchester the probability of you knowing Chimpo’s face is high (hopefully it’s not because he’s in your drawer or your fridge aha) and if you don’t then, well, you must have been hiding under a rock. I’ve just been sat having a conversation about our favourite Chimpo track, although it’s hard to choose from so many good ones, I’ve gone with Gaza (Drama), it’s definitely one of those tracks you hear and just go sick to, plus it’s rad with all the familiar faces in the video, although I definitely can’t take Ciaran seriously!

Chimpo, a jungle DJ at the age of 13, now provides us with bare rowdy riddims to bop our heads to, bringing the ruckus in his mixes and creating a sound of his very own with grime, garage, R&B, D&B, dub and dancehall influences, not to mention his DJ sets which we here in Manchester (and of course everywhere he’s getting to) are lucky enough to witness on the regs! He’s been working with many other DJ’s and producers, Zed Bias, Dub Phizix just to name a couple and whipping out mixes for the likes of boiler room and fabric live, his music talents are endless.

Check his new track with Dub Phizix; Buzzin, SOUNDCLOUD, Twitter: @CHIMPOMCR, FACEBOOK

To make things even better he’s hilarious and just sound as fuck, so as I had no bananas to hand (not funny at all) I decided to throw the monkey man our iLL sessions Q&A!

• Who are you? 
Chimpo. Gangster and a gentleman.
• Age?
29. I know. Oil of Olay.
• Where are you from?
Chorlton. I live in Whalley Range now.
• What do you do?
What don’t I do. I don’t do a lot actually. I DJ, produce and MC though.
• Describe a day in your life.
Pour up, drank, head shot, drank, Sit down, drank, stand up, drank, Pass out, drank, wake up, drank, Faded, drank, faded, drank
• Favourite footwear?
Huarache’s probably my favourite but I’ve never had any. Trainers piss me off. They’re too expensive.
• Favourite item of clothing?
I made a necklace out of parrots made of felt. It’s suppose to be a windchime ting but i took the bell off and tied the ends so I can wear it. It’s swagarific.
• What’s in your pockets/bag right now?
Nowt. Free and easy.
• Last item you purchased?
2 Dixy’s mini fillets
• Biggest fashion faux-par?
I used to get stick for wearing trackies with flips flops but I think I was just ahead of my time.
• Last time you got caught doing something wrong?
I’ve never done anything wrong.
• 3 things you can’t live without?
Music, chicken, family
• 1 thing to do before you die?
• 1 secret about your city?
Frank Sidebottoms’ head wasn’t real.
• Biggest regret?
je ne regrette nien
• Suggest something for our followers to check out.
My ‘Frontline EP’ on Soul:R which is out now. Check my soundcloud for clips
• Shoutouts
My estate famalam, Bloc2Bloc Stan, Trigga, Marcus Intalex, Toddla T n my don Problem Child. Check her blog out I’m letting off something special on there soon.
• Anything you want to say before you leave?
RIP Hugo Chavez

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