TOOMUCH®| The iLL Sessions QnA

I have been about this brand for  a while and watched it grow from a t-shirt brand, into how its known today, as sportswear. With collaborations such as graffiti artists A.T.G and wavy bucket hats, this brand is heavily routed in London street culture. Usually I like to gas about a subject, but this time the brand speaks for it self. Carefully constructed garments, good materials, no gimmicks, its a must.
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We managed to fire a quick  iLLsessions questions at Ted, Owner of TOOMUCH®SPORTSWEAR.
Here is what he had to say.
Who are you?
My name is Ted and I run TOOMUCH®SPORTSWEAR.
Where are you from?
What do you do?
I solely run  the sportswear brand TOOMUCH® which I started in 2006.
Describe a day in your life.
Business meetings and hostile takeovers..
Favourite footwear?
Favourite item of clothing?
My new TOOMUCH® SPORTS 5 panel…
Whats in your pockets/bag?
Malboro’s, lighter, comme wallet, iphone and audi keys…
Last item you purchased?
Some Ralph Lauren bits. Strictly for the showermen.
Biggest fashion faux-par?
A$AP wannabes / leopard prints / baseball bats… the list goes on….
Last time you got caught doing something wrong?
I was thrown out of two clubs last Saturday in East London, I’m not gonna tell you why…
3 things you can’t live with out?
My iphone, my car and coffee.
1 thing to do before you die?
thats a hard question…
One secret about your city?
Ask Trapstar.
Biggest Regret?
You cant live with REGRETS.
Suggest something for our followers to check out
Our new SS’13 collection. Available in all good dealers now.
Everyone that has helped me so far and never asked for much in return..
 Anything you want to say to us before you leave?
Bigup Ted on this, Be sure to head on over to their website and check what stocks left, these garms go quick.
Authors Instagram: BedfordCool

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