Everybody Street – Trailer | Cheryl Dunn

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The grimey streets of New York have always been the perfect place for a photographer.

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Everybody Street is a film documentary directed by Cheryl Dunn. Having used New York herself to document life through her lens which she is drawn to because “it is pure and uncontrollable and it takes an intense commitment”, she now turns her lens upon other photographers, some of the most famous in fact, including Ricky Powell, Boogie, Jamel Shabazz, Martha Cooper and many more! The film explores the passionate, violent and wild side of New York with an air of calm to it in places, shot by the pioneers of photography, capturing moments that we all see, but may not appreciate as they do.

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“A slice of a moment, a thousandth of a second of recognition. It seemed to me that’s what you photographed: the instantaneous gesture where life became clarified,” Meyerowitz tells us “I just knew I had to be out there, watching life, welcoming ambiguity and the surreal, even though it’s chaos.”

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Everybody street is a project that has been in the works for some time now and the distribution of the film has still not been confirmed but you can keep an eye on the official site. This is definitely not one to be missed but for now peep the trailer!

Authors instagram: @leimai_lemaow


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