Norse Projects | Autumn Winter 2013


Its that time of year again, when brands bring out the goodies. I know we have had an onslaught of good weather recently, But I am a winter guy. Nothing suits me more than layering up and Autumn/Winter is the best way to do it, shirt, Jumper, Jacket, trousers, hat and gloves. I never like my garms  more, than when I look like I’m out robbing.Image


Norse Projects has been one of my top brands for a good few seasons and especially when it comes round to this time of the year. Its what they do well, living by their moto “Created to improve life, good for all seasons”. With supreme build quality and the finest materials its worth spending those few extra coins on.


With them just releasing there new collection online today, here are a few items that stand out for me. Only available currently online here. Stay tuned on Friday to find out what all the fuss is about with New Balance X Norse Projects.

Authors Instagram: BedfordCool


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